Monday, January 25, 2010

Irodov Problem 2.15

From the ideal gas law equation we know that,

From Problem 2.13 we know that,

From (1) and (2) we have,

In (4), h-h0 represents height above sea level and P0 the atmospheric pressure at sea level and T I am guessing is assumed to be 273K.

So at a height of 5 Km above sea level we have,

Similarly at a height of 5 Km below sea level we have,


  1. though 5 km is less shouln't we consider the change in gravity and right g as a function of h and then integrate from the basic.

    1. No, that’s silly. 5km is nothing compared to the radius of Earth. Gravity 5km up will be (6371/6376)^2 = 99.8% of surface strength.